Paige is a career fulfillment expert who builds one-on-one supportive relationships through career and life coaching. She helps individuals who feel stuck in their jobs by guiding them to start living their lives according to their values. She challenges her clients to focus on what really matters most around their work and how that impacts their relationships, mental health and life transitions.

Paige earned her Masters in Counseling and is a Board Certified Life Coach. Her strong background in clinical psychology  over the years has helped her make the switch from therapist to career coach as she implements strategies that help people become more accountable and start taking action now, no matter how small.  
About the Author,
Paige Mitchell
 New coping skills that I learned along the way so YOU can take your life back.
 A self-awareness checklist so you feel prepared to take action and shift your mindset from stress to strategy. 
 Clarity & Confidence that you will take the next best step toward career fulfillment.
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"My experience working with Paige was so incredible! She makes it easy to come up with goals that are specific and unique to oneself that can actually be accomplished. I learned so much and felt as if I stepped into my own power with her guidance!"
Client Stories
"Absolutely fantastic experience! We have so many tough decisions to make every day. Working with Paige has been a life saver. She does a great job of guiding me through the process of making a final decision."